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This is a temp place holder website with base information that I threw up so you could get the basics of the open source project for Disaster Relief.    Below is a video of a test with the items we'll be using to do the R&D work (that's you guys doing the R&D work, I'm teaching you)  ...and the initial 2 facebook posts that started all of this.   Read through and you'll get the DETAILS and the STORY. 

If you can't help Physically, please help FINANCIALLY for as little as $12 by getting an item on amazon, contact me 1st before getting it.   One Benefactor has already gotten us the 'flight computer' that records all the data.

Video of FLIGHT Computer FLIGHT (by SlingShot) is at the BOTTOM


FACEBOOK POST #1   (this *IS* Accomplished, go to POST #2 Below to HELP)


I'll tell you about me bleeding and the photo in a minute.

I need you (yes, you, reading this) to help me find an "EXPERT" because right now, I can't easily find one and I'm very busy with other stuff helping people.

Problem: There is an island in the abeco islands in the Bahamas called Hope Town. Its NOT getting any relief, you can only get in by helicopter. We got planes flying into Freeport Bahamas (see my post yesterday) but there are other places that need help and need help NOW.

Now, MAYBE an expert can help me do something in a week, but if not, we can do and test some stuff and be ready for the next disaster where something needs to be air dropped.

If I air drop in a boafeng radio, a $30 Android Smart Phone with Video instruction on it (just watch the video), a water chlorine maker and some other stuff, I can talk to them, find out the situation, find out if there are any immediate medical CASEVACS needed (get a helicopter there or someone is going to die), what do they have, what do they not have, what is needed now, what is needed in days and in a week. Just one little $30 boafeng radio and $30 android smart phone will do that. The water purifier will give them water for the whole community, yeah, hundreds of people. Only costs $250. ...and a small 10 watt solar panel to keep the phone alive. I can actually fly over them and send him ANYTHING to his phone. Video, audio, PDFs and I can even send the person on the ground a text message via the boafeng and the $30 android from over 100 miles a way in the airplane.

(I do NOT mean send me a 'link' or an 'email' I mean go FIND ME the expert, talk to him/her by email or by phone, communicate what I need, if they don't know it, do they KNOW of the expert I need and THEN put me in touch with that person !! I do NOT need you to do a f'n google search and send me a link to a website. CALL. Tell them you are part of a facebook charity group that helps people in disasters, that's all you need to preface your conversation with)

I NEED an EXPERT in the "Fundamentals of Parachute Design" NOT a 'parachute expert' NOT someone who's been jumping for 30 years, NOT a SEAL who jumps.... I need someone who understands the MATH and the DESIGN and HOW to DESIGN ONE. This is an example of the math...but there are also material science things that must be understood. http://www.rocketmime.com/rockets/descent.html

Now, keep in mind, if you do find a 'parachute expert' he or she may very well know, "oh... you gotta talk to THIS person" and point you in the right direction. Its a Rabbit Hole, GO DOWN IT FOR ME Please.

Here is what I need to do, from a fixed wing air craft flying above stall speed at an AGL (above ground level) that the expert will help me determine:

I need to parachute to the ground

1 lb package
2 lb package
5 lb package
10 lb package, 20 and 40lbs.

They don't need to 'land softly" Just not IMPACT at terminal velocity. Again, this is where the math comes in. Somethings can hit 'hard' just not 'impact' if you know what I mean.

Some of the examples of what needs to be 'kicked out of the plane' is above. We'll stop at 40lbs because that is generally what an average human can easily move without significant exertion on a regular basis.

One of the things we can get for free is a LOT of bed sheets (hundreds and hundreds.).

I need to know:

How to turn a bed sheet into a parachute.
How to cut it, where to cut it, is there a center opening, how many lines do I put on it, how do I pack it and how do I pack it and put a static line deploy on it. What is the best mechanism for this? How many pounds can I deploy with this and what is its velocity at the ground.

Are there surplus chutes on the market with the 'lines' cut that I can reuse, or ...are these too big for what I want. I've seen 5 foot surplus chutes, how many pounds can I deploy with this.??

If I was going to make a chute with a 'cloth' that I 'bought' what cloth would that be and what is the chute design for the above weights.

What type off chute can I make with 1mil, 2, 4 and 6 mil plastic from home depot, how about 'painters canvas' from home depot. I have a plastics company (part of Harris research already done) that can make me 'any shape I want' out of 10 foot by (any foot) plastic, 8mil max, can we design and have 'stamped' (laser cut) plastic parachutes like this that can be mass distributed for 'dropping 12 pounds of anything'

We have access to airplanes, and bridges and stuff and we can 'test designs'....and I might even ask some of YOU TSP people to help me test this stuff and video it, and measure it. Trust me, this would be FUN....and you'd be HELPING others. You don't have to be degreed, a math wizard, you just have to be one of those people that 'does stuff' and 'Gets Shit Done' (shout out to Nicole Williams as being the role model for GSD). I'll help you with anything technical. Just tell me 'Steve, I got a bridge next to me, just a fair bit down the road, that people base jump off of' We can drop anything you want and have some one at the bottom pick up the pieces, or it in tact. Its NOT hard for 'me' to give you something that will tell us the falling velocity or the impact 'hardness' So if you are a GSD person, I will ENABLE YOU.

Look, if I can fly over and drop a 1lb boafeng radio to a person on a small chute and a long streamer and talk to them then the next plane coming over can drop to them (be at the soccer field in exactly 3 hours) and drop water, medicine, food, soap, chlorine maker with video instructions, small solar panel, a water maker, anything and kick those out in 40lb packages, or 20 pound packages. Then that can help them for a few days until a boat gets then and then the boat is BRINGING WHAT is NEEDED. Or its in the USA and a truck drives in there and it takes 2 days to get there. There can be areas of devastation that happen from wild fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes that you just can't reach in a timely fashion, and blizzards too.

I intend to take this knowledge from this expert, test it with your help and the help of others. Document how to do this, with demonstrations, and release the knowledge into the public domain (youtube etc...) so any one can replicate it. If a GSD 'do'er' gets a Harris instructional video, he or she will be able to safely replicate what I show.

So there are people who are expert in parachute design at NASA, there are parachute companies that make and design their own chutes, there are hobby people who might know more than an 'expert'. Go find me an EXPERT that I can talk to please. Penetrate the company, email them, call them, send them portions of this post. A "corporation" who helps (or the person who works for them) can remain publicly anonymous, the corporation can claim this as part of the charity and public outreach of the corporation but in reality because f'n liability stupidity, they will want to remain anonymous. (the corporation). I know how to keep a secret.

I don't need a team, I don't need confidential corporate intellectual property, I don't need a guided para-foil, I just need to make simple, one use, parachutes that prevent stuff from going SPLAT. Somethings can go THUMP, some have to land softly, some will be packing to protect it from the thump, but I'm not delivering eggs. I just need 'the one expert.' who understands Harris "NO BOX" thinking.

You don't need to ask me if you can do this, just go DO IT. Send me the results. Make it happen.

Oh...and if you have a plane or a helicopter or you are a pilot and you want to do some 'test' experiments for the 'effort' then please, PM me, post here, let me know. If you live near where some people base jump or there is a 100 foot bridge let me know.

This is gonna be FUN and you (and your kids) will be proud of the results you see happen.

Harris makes things happen.

oh...the bleeding, check my wall, I cut myself and used my 1st aid kit (Harris Kit) to QUICKLY stop the bleeding and keep on working. Here is the ref to I AINT got Time to bleed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K63AVSCPcSI

So its really, "I ain't got time to find this person (this expert) please find him/her for me."
FACEBOOK POST #2  (Read to Help - Links and MORE) 

Join the MEWE Harris Drop Group to Communicate and Participate in the R&D.  Result Videos will be put on the TSP FB Group page, but the internal comms is on MEWE

Contact Harris on Facebook   http://www.FaceBook.com/h2fuel   
Harris on MEWE
Harris DROP Group on MEWE :JOIN: https://mewe.com/join/harrisdrop
or my email  (its on upper RIGHT of http://www.Steven1234.com )

LEARN PROFESSIONAL R&D from HARRIS and HELP DELIVER RELIEF AID to people around the world. This is a TSP FB Forum COMMUNITY Sourced Project. Let me put modesty aside for a second and say that I do professional Research and Development (R&D). Everything I have ever done in my life has never been done before. People come to me for stuff and ask, "can this be done, how can we do this, how about this." and I give the NO BS answers and or I get contracted to do R&D, to find the answers, and my R&D is VERY fast compared to what a corporation does. I bring serious changes to businesses and other efforts.

This is a FOLLOW UP and what to come from the post on this forum (below) that starts with "I AIN'T GOT TIME TO BLEED. Help HARRIS" So go read that. That part is DONE, it was done in 1/2 a day because of YOU... TSP people FOUND the people in about 2 hours that would of taken me 2 days of email and calling. The power of TSP (1234).

So...we have this project. Which is basically, "How to Make a 10 cent 1 time use parachute to drop 10, 20, 40 pounds of relief supplies 'on a soccer field' from an air plane and then allow the chute to be used as a sun shade or rain tarp. How to make this, from what, and then how to show everyone in the world how to replicate this and deliver aid. You might have a plane with 1200lbs of aid in it, but the idea is you can throw it out the plane 40 lbs at a time, it lands 'soft enough' and you just got aid to people without a helicopter. We are going to do this, document it, and publish it for free on youtube for anyone to use around the world as an instructional" This Intellectual Property (IP) is being released into the PUBLIC DOMAIN FOR FREE. It is NOT being sold. We are NOT selling 'chutes'. Since its public domain, if you want to make and sell these 'cheap chutes' for delivery of anything then you are welcome to do it....but I'm not. This could be a side gig for someone, if it enriches your life and helps people help people...then great. I'm sure some places doing aid relief don't have time or desire to 'tie up a chute'

SO, I'm BUSY right now doing stuff that I have to do. I don't have TIME to do 100% of this project. I have time to do 10% of this project. So what I am going to do is have YOU (yes YOU) step up and help. You are going to do the drop testing from a bridge or something else high, you might have friends with an air plane and will do some 10lb test drops out the door. You might want to do this with your kids or boy scout troop, you just might want to do this on your own or with friends. I guarantee it will be FUN. *NO* College degree needed, but you have to be smarter than the average bear yogi and must have confidence in yourself. I don't care if you fail, but I doubt you will, but you have to have faith and confidence that you will succeed and that you will solve and over come problems and issues. One toothed hillbilly rednecks are WELCOME. "Hey grandson, you want you and me and the dog to go and drop some stuff off the bridge over yonder for this fellow on facebook?" is just fine. You are welcome....working on your Ph.D in astrophysics, you are welcome. Did you work on the space shuttle and are retired? You are welcome. Single mother that wants to show her kids that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING in this WORLD and YOU can Learn Anything !! WELOME. Are you 14 and reading this and saying "Dad dad dad dad can we do this please please please...." wonderfully welcome.

I will guide you, I will talk to you, video chat, write to you, take photos and video and demonstrate for you. I will ENABLE you to do 1 test, then another. Then we grow from there. Multiple people or groups around the USA (or world) can do this. One group might do 'bed sheets' (no joke) one might do it out of 4 mil plastic. One might do the 40 pound 'buckets' one might do the 5 pound ones. Its open. I'm looking for people to step up...but you got to have a place, at least 100 feet, to drop things from. Got a bridge near you where people base jump from ?? That's a good place. Even a cliff. I don't know, but YOU DO.

These chutes are made from plastic, bed sheets, string and a 5 gallon bucket from walmart or home depot. You might have to buy the bucket, I'm NOT sending that to you....and maybe the string...and your gasoline... you'll have some skin in the game. ...but in the future when you see on the news that some hurricane just blew XXXX off the map and you see someone dropping 40lb buckets of relief supplies with rectangle 5 line chutes out of a Cessna air plane you'll point at that and say, "I helped do that."

I will teach you how to do Professional Harris Style R&D and you'll have a blast. This is an experience to be shared with others. I'll put videos and photos and info on HarrisChute1234.com or HarrisDrop1234.com or something. I'm not making any money on this so I might as well put my name on it  LOL.....

FROM MY 1st POSTING BELOW ( I ain't go time to bleed post) Go read it if you have not seen it.

Ok. I have DETAILED ANSWERS from Parachute Experts and I'm all Dialed IN. This is going to be a TSP Community Development Project I'm not going to do a great deal of hands on (but some) but others around the USA are going to do the testing and I'm going to teach them how to do the R&D, professional R&D, and this will be a TSP FB project. People who never thought they could do this stuff, will be able to and will love it. We are going to start dropping things with chutes and documenting them. Roy Ramey and other people have already stepped up to help with the drop testing and others have stated they can't help physically or don't have the time or the location but they will contribute financially. WHICH IS GREAT. You can simply purchase an item or items and send to me. I'll get it configured, hooked up, documented and then the 'package' will go to a set of 'volunteers' who will do some drop testing. We need some tools to measure what we are doing, to bench mark what we are doing, and to video document what we are doing (so you all can see the video HERE of this being developed).

So, below are some of the things we need for testing and you can buy one or two, or all, but really, I want people to be able to individually contribute, even if its 1 $8 microSD card on amazon. So if not enough people buy things 1 at a time you can buy the rest later for us.

So, if you WANT to buy something. PM ME on FB, tell me what you want to buy, and you can buy it and just have it shipped to me directly. I do NOT need money from you sent to me. Right now, we only need ONE of the 'sets' of stuff below. It can be shipped from group to group. If we need more, a 2nd or 3rd set, then I will present the need and why to the community.

1st Lesson in R&D. Bechmark the competition or a known reference or what is currently being used.

From HERE: https://the-rocketman.com/chutes-html/ I need a 4 foot chute and a 9 foot chute. That's a 5 pound and a 40 pound chute. What this does, is we record the data on THESE chutes that we have known numbers for, then we make our version of the chute (a simple rectangle of plastic or bed sheet) and then we compare our chute results to the KNOWN results of the KNOWN chute and then we have a base line to start from and now if we want a '20 lb chute' we can use the data from the professional chute and adjust our size to get close to the performance of the pro chute without having to buy one. One of the things this does, is it allows us to calculate or cd or (coefficient of drag) for our improvised chute. All we need is a 4 and a 9, so let me know if you want to get one of these.

2nd Lesson in R&D. Instrumentation on EVERYTHING. Measure EVERYTHING. "Man that hit hard" is NOT a scientifically accurate data collection method. How many Joules of energy did it with? How fast was it falling, how long to the chute opened.

$110 We need ONE of the Altimeter 3's. This is an all in one incredible solution for telling us EVERYTHING about dropping the bucket with the chute on it. Fall speed, drop speed, time to chute open, everything. Its a little miracle in a box that we do not have to INVENT.

https://www.apogeerockets.com///Jolly-Logic-AltimeterThree ( This has already been purchased by a TSP Contributor !!) ...but you can look at it on the site. (many details here, interesting to read). It also on amazon. https://amzn.to/2A3rJbr

Sport Action Came $75 each (go pro clone). I own these cams, use them all the time. We need 5 of these for documentation so everyone on TSP can see the videos of what TSP is doing. We are going to start by dropping 5 gallon buckets with different weights. 5lbs, 10, 20, 40lbs. These cameras will document the event. (read lesson #2 above) 1 pointing up at the chute, 1 looking sideways at the horizon, 1 looking straight down through a hole in the bottom of the bucket. and 1 for showing the people dropping it off the bridge and it falling down.... and 1 for the person on the ground recording it falling. https://amzn.to/2ZX176w I'm going HEAVY on video because EVERYONE doing this, wants a copy of what they did, we need it for engineering, and all of you want to see it on the forum or the website. This *IS* a professional Engineering EFFORT. We are, you are, going to be doing REAL Engineering.

$12 each...and 5 memory cards. Need 5 of these https://amzn.to/2ZLmgV9 and 1 of these $10 card reader https://amzn.to/31cev8w and 2 of these $18 Tripod https://amzn.to/2A2TUY4 for the cameras.

110lb Scale $25 And we all need the same scale. To weigh the test objects. Again, Instrumentation. https://amzn.to/2QcJal5 I already OWN one of these scales, which, is why I know its awesome. So if you want to buy this, tell me, but hold off a bit, because I'll tell you who the 1st test team is and you can send the scale directly to them.

You are FREE to pick and choose any thing you want to purchase, 0 things, 1 thing, etc.... if you are wealthy, I almost do not want you to buy ALL things because I want other people on TSP FB forum to feel like they can 'contribute.'.... but if you did want to buy it all, I'd suggest you pick up what they do not. I'm turning this into a community thing.

If you are fragile like a teacup, if you have to have a safe space, if direct language and plain speaking is too harsh for you and you've filled out a HURT FEELINGS report before than this is NOT for you. If you want to think, learn, try, decide, try again, make mistakes, learn learn learn, figure it out, watch it and see what happens and then try to figure out WHY it did that and you want to involve others in what you are doing to set an example to them....then JOIN. Say I'm IN. If you are sensitive, a teacup, a snowflake... I will make you cry. If you have a child or family member that is labelled by society as autistic, ADHD or whatever...make sure YOU include them. They are 'probably' labelled like this because they are smart as sh*t but they live in their own world because the regular world is too damn boring to them. The stuff you'll do with them here, they will eat it up like candy, this is another world. The only thing more fun than dropping crap off a high place is making your own fire works. We'll save that for later.


3rd Lesson in R&D. Don't EVER STOP.

So Alice. The rabbit hole is in front of you. What do you want to do? The Red Pill or the BLUE Pill. ??

Do any of you have any ideas or suggestions for me on this 'community aspect' to the project. Please comment below.

Steven Harris
p.s. Keep in mind....it took me 2.5 hours to write this, and over an hour or the 1st post that lead to this one.